Nutrition and dietetics

Meritorious health professionals are known as Dietician.

How to achieve that balanced diet?
Well, they aren't those who tells us about cooking duties, they are the one who provide vital information about food. Each patient is unique and it is important to met individuals nutritional requirements throughout the span of illness. In order to maintain diet one must listen to their Dietician precisely and follow.

List of those things which can increase chronic disease and infections like

  • Diabetes
  • Liver problems
  • Kidney stone
  • Heart diseases
  • Brain functioning

A healthy diet tends to Strong immune system and energetic lifestyle. As per the requirement of human body female needs above 2500 calories per day as an average and male needs 2800 calories per day as an average. Calories are basically depends upon nature of work particular person is doing in a single day. It contains various type of nutrients like fats, vitamin, roughage or fibre, minerals carbohydrates, proteins, Water and nucleic acid.

Here are some reasons, why these things are important to intake on regular basis :-

  • FATS:- They are made up of fatty acids and glycerol. It is used to store source of energy
  • VITAMIN:- Regulate metabolic activities
  • ROUGHAGE/ FIBRE:- Remain undigested and helps to keep our digestive system clean.
  • MINERALS:- For balancing fluids of body
  • WATER:- Main component in the form of liquid.
  • NUCLEIC ACID:- They basically brings inheritance to body
  • CARBOHYDRATES:- they are made up of hydrogen, carbon and oxygen which helps to provide energy.
  • PROTEINS:- consist of amino acids and responsible for physiology growth.