Medical speciality of diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases. Term dermatology comes from Greek, derma means skin and logy means study. Skin is largest sense organ of our body. we need to give special attention to our sense organs because they are situated external which can seen, touch or feel by second person easily.

Dermatologist are of four types:-

  • Aesthetic dermatologist
  • Surgical dermatologist
  • Inpatient dermatologist
  • General/ medical dermatologist

As we know that womens concerned about their skin as compared to men. Nowadays lifestyle is becoming very fashionable and sensible this tends paying attention upon your physical appearance. First of all we analyse a person on external appearance which consist of your dressing sense and clear structure of your Skin.

Due to many reasons skin diseases occurs, here are some certain conditions like:-

  • sudden irritation
  • itching
  • swelling
  • hormonal changes
  • type of allergies
  • redness
  • lack of moisture
  • rashes
  • burns
  • excess use of cosmetic or makeup

There are many types of dermatological problems which includes eczema, hair fall, pigmentation, anti-aging, scars, ulceration, blistering, pimples, wrinkles,skin cancer, Psoriasis, fungal infection, acne, etc.

Some tips to keep your skin healthy and glow

  • keep your skin hydrated
  • Make sure your diet contains vitamin A and Vitamin E
  • consume appropriate amount of zinc
  • eat green leafy vegetables and fruits like Apples, bananas or Oranges
  • Quit smoking and drinking
  • Always remove makeup before going to bed
  • regular exercise
  • reduce consumption of oily items and salty foods
  • avoid junk food
  • Usage of sun protection factor(SPF) or sunscreen whenever your out as per recommendation of doctor.

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