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Easyilaaz मे आप कब Appointment ले सकते हैं

  • any type of pain like leg pain ,back pain etc
  • primary and Secondary disease like fever chills cuff etc
  • you can consult us for any type of pschycological problems
  • you can consult us for primary and moderate skin disease
  • you can also consult us for internal problems for male and female
  • we also provide intern for practice offline under super speciality doctor

How to Prepare yourself when you consult your doctor :-

  • Check the identity of doctor
  • Tell your every symptoms to doctor without hesitation
  • Tell you previous 3 month history related to disease
  • Prepare your all quary and questions related to disease
  • If you have any medical device you can use it and tell the doctor for easy consult like blood pressure monitor ,pulse rate monitor etc .

Why Easyilaaz?

  • Fast easy
  • You can get your report openion online
  • No waiting period
  • No risk of infection